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Fashion is a way in which you present yourself with others in a specific period or place, whether it is about clothing or behaviour. The fashion industry plays a vital role in popularizing a trend that will be a fashion people my will die to carry. Celebrities play a vital role in influencing fashion and then media will play a hard hit button and you will be good to buckle up.

Some people confuse fashion with style but there’s a famous quote on it.

“Fashion Is What You Buy, Style Is What You Do With It”_ (unknown author)

The fashion industry is wide we can’t cover it with only dressing style or how you carry yourself but how you speak, how you behave and how you live. But it targets dressing more and whenever it comes to fashion I personally think they are particularly talking about how you carry yourself and we will particularly talk about that sense here.

Who Invented Fashion

Charles Frederick Worth was the first person who invented fashion and he is often called “The Father of fashion”.He also introduced a new type of fashion which is Haute Couture (the custom-fitted clothing stitched according to exact client’s measurement). After him, Jeanne-Marie Lanvin added more flowers to this fashion and is often called “Mother of Fashion” by fashion historians.

Types Of Fashion

Fashion is a vast industry which has subcategorized in other major industries, So we can’t be sure over the types, also there is a new thing in fashion now and then. The few types of fashion are

  1. Bohemian: The most popular style around the globe in free-spirited masses.
  2. Preppy: The style favourited by students, adults, clubbers, etc.
  3. Atys: The bold colours with exaggerated prints.
  4. Grunge: Popular in music bands, durable and loose style.
  5. Classy: Mostly worn as office dresses(My Style)

On this I like the quote by Coco Channel:

“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.”

Fashion Influence

Fashion is influencing the people, the culture and everything under the human environment. You can’t get away with the chase of it because the media just tells you, you have to be in it there’s no other track even though there are those masses who are like we don’t care but if they walk and talk in a society they will have to listen what other say because others will judge you on your sense of fashion and you will automatically feel degraded. Fashion plays a great role in adults, teenagers and even in oldies.

Fashion Influence On Youth

We, adults, are not that much into fashion as those of youths, they are most in trend, they follow everything that comes into fashion. Fashion holds substantial importance for them. They follow up with a quote that states

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” — (Rachel Zoe)

You might have known that the fashion you carry shows how you are feeling.

“Every sense goes to your brain” Whatever you wear or do impacts your brain and then automatically your mood and sometimes it will lead to stress where youth is taking fashion to, some are hampering their souls into fashion. Fashion has drawn a circle around them in which they have to fit and maintain their self-regard.

Fashion Influence On Our Life

Fashion infect confidence and self-esteem, just by carrying a specific personality you can show out your whole culture, as a result, your country, your class even your profession gets recognized. But on the same page, it will create a sense of resentment, competition and will make oneself improve its outer look more than the inner look.

Factors That Influence Fashion Trends

There are a lot of factors that can totally change the whole trend just with a little line-up.

Those factors will include:

  1. Social Media
  2. Celebrities
  3. Season
  4. Politics
  5. Cinema

How To Follow Fashion

Just to keep yourself updated you have to put yourself up with the factors mentioned above but how are you gonna follow them? You will

  1. Heed Magazines
  2. Roll your eyes over the latest fashion shows
  3. Go through the seasonal changes
  4. Watch movies(my favourite)

How To Be Fashionable In Budget

We indulge in fashion this much that sometimes we even forget what our budget is and end up lying on the couch thinking about how to manage next. But I’m telling you brand is nothing if you want to be in fashion. As Marc Jacobs said

“Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them.”

Like I have seen a scale of people wearing high brands but doesn’t even look like those middle brands. So, it doesn’t matter what you wear, what matter is how you carry it. Let’s dive into knowing how to look it high by keeping it low:

  1. Look for sales (if you want to go for the same brands).
  2. Buy simple but classy outerwear.
  3. Wear more light colours (light colours point classy style)
  4. Design yourself(you can do it)
  5. Buy fabric and have it stitched in a simple but classy style.


Fashion can’t be concluded as we go into this we will dive deeper but what I would like to say is follow fashion but don’t let it pressurize your soul.

Compete In A Way Your Soul won't Regret.



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