Fashion Is A Growing Concern Of US

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Fashion is a way in which you present yourself with others in a specific period or place, whether it is about clothing or behaviour. The fashion industry plays a vital role in popularizing a trend that will be a fashion people my will die to carry. Celebrities play a vital role in influencing fashion and then media will play a hard hit button and you will be good to buckle up.

  1. Preppy: The style favourited by students, adults, clubbers, etc.
  2. Atys: The bold colours with exaggerated prints.
  3. Grunge: Popular in music bands, durable and loose style.
  4. Classy: Mostly worn as office dresses(My Style)
  1. Celebrities
  2. Season
  3. Politics
  4. Cinema
  1. Roll your eyes over the latest fashion shows
  2. Go through the seasonal changes
  3. Watch movies(my favourite)
  1. Buy simple but classy outerwear.
  2. Wear more light colours (light colours point classy style)
  3. Design yourself(you can do it)
  4. Buy fabric and have it stitched in a simple but classy style.


Fashion can’t be concluded as we go into this we will dive deeper but what I would like to say is follow fashion but don’t let it pressurize your soul.



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